Sep 14, 2011

I just love Kate and Andy Spade! LOVE THEM! :) I would say my style is more similar like Andy's, I really lean towards vintage masculine boyscout-esque styles soothed over with a cozy feminie touch...but my colors [especially orange/red] are more in tune with Kate's.... Such a cool couple with a cool eye for design and these:

and how cute is this video? :)

now what could be cuter or cooler than that animation? Yeah, this seat and satchel!!!

found via .kara.

 & these brown or white Ines leather gloves would go so perfect with thee above.

perhaps you prefer something more cozy or rustic than the polished? Try these then:

But more importantly [at least for me] I am in dire need of a new helmet before shopping for bike gloves..This leopard print helmet is too cute to boot! I normally shy away from animal prints unless they are true vintage...but this cute lady for my head? You betchya! And then I would gather some vintage rhinestone broaches and cover that brim galore, as well as the straps! :-[)

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