Aug 30, 2011

I love Alexa Chung and her style. What she has been doing over at Madewell has been a success, which then has launched a second collection of her's coming from them soon. However, this new ad campaign video featuring Alexa Chung for Madewell kinda drives me, it really drives me nuts. : / I am not a director, nor will I ever become one. But after seeing this video I thought to myself, I could make one 10x better than that!

 I was hoping for something a little more creative and not so cliche-indie looking.  I swear I have seen more than 10 fashion related videos this past year with at least one model reaching her arms out far and walking on rail of some sort and trying to balance, OR running through a field with the sun setting, gliding her fingers over hay or flowers, OR turning around in circles and looking over her shoulder. I love looking at beautiful clothes and beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes..but I am getting so tired of seeing these kinds of indie-esque fashion videos that either lack creativity and/or humor. Trying to convey how cool one is all the time actually becomes less cool to me. I get it, and I agree...I do think you Madewell [for example] are really cool, and I will continue to buy your clothes.... but what else? Am I alone here?

NOW, This new Lanvin Fall 2011 campaign is what I am talking about! I LOOOOVE the high fashion mixed with watching models dance awkward to a song that doesn't necessarily go with the overall aesthetic. The end is thee best part! I think I need to watch this again! BAH! :-[)

I guess the point I am trying to make here is this:  I would rather be hanging out with the Lanvin models and dancing, than riding around in a volvo  in Texas with Alexa Chung,  going to the laundry mat in some remote town and eating gumballs.


On another creative note: I love this images over at BHLDN. The clothes are obviously beautiful, but it is the placement of the model's hands that really grab my attention. The delicacy of them! It's also details like these that reveal a personality...which can be really endearing in situations like this. 


Alison Baitz said...

WHOA I agree so much with you here. I love Alexa Chung so so much but that video is so hilariously boring and silly. I LOVE the Lanvin video though I am not the biggest fan of the song used. !!! That said, can't wait to see the AC for Madewell collection -- lord knows I can afford that more readily than Lanvin.

Jenny said...

Hear hear!

ROXY MARJ said...

Alison, you said the perfect word: silly. is TOTALLY silly!

Jenny, glad you're on board with us! lol ;)

jendar said...

I absolutely love the Lanvin video. I have such a crush on Karen Elson.

ROXY MARJ said...

There is something totally intriguing about Karen Elson. And I love that she isn't your "typical" looking model...:)

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