Aug 22, 2011

I feel spoiled right now with getting to wake up every morning and working side by side next to my husband. I know this set up won't last long with Jess working from home, he is looking to find a job in an actual office setting. Poor guy gets stir crazy and desperately misses employee face to face contact. Until that happens, I am milking my time with him for all it's worth.  One of the joys of working from can take a break whenever you want. Last week Jesse asked if I wanted to go fly-fishing around Heber. HECK YEAH MAN! So we worked our booties off till 3 pm, packed a quick picnic dinner and cruised to the river. It was a lot of fun...but we did get ourselves attacked by mosquitos. 27 bites [for me] in less than 2 min.!!! : /  We also drove around Midway, which is right next to Heber. OH MY GOSH! That little town is theee cutest ever and my new favorite dream place to hopefully move to someday.  I don't have pictures to share [this time] because I was in awe at everything we drove by that I forgot to take any. But if you live in Utah or are visiting this area next weekend. Midway is having their Swiss days event. Sept. 1-4 I can't wait to go.

One of my side "to do" projects that I finished last week was to go through my earrings, get rid of all the ones I hardly wear and display them in a way that is simple, easy, and noticeable when getting ready in the morning. As opposed to keeping them in my little blue container pictured. 
I went to the thrift store and got a vintage double frame for $1.00  ~ Spray - painted it black, took out the glass and then covered the cardboard inserts with some hand painted plaid paper that I rubber cemented on. *Fun Fact* When using rubber cement, cover both items with the glue and then let dry. Put the two items together and smooth with hand. This is the best way to rubber cement.  ~ With a thumb tack, create holes...evenly spaced holes look a lot cleaner. I love this idea of using a folding frame because next time I travel I can easily fold it up, slip it into a cover [which still needs to be made] and you're good to go.

* I also found two clear glass rectangle dishes [75 cents each] and spray-painted the bottoms black to make my jewelry stand out more. I love how they look and the gold lines around the top that came on the dishes make a great accent. 

Last night Jesse and I painted till 1 am. A favorite thing to do with him. Even though we were both doing our thing [our desks are back to back which means we get to play footsies a lot] it's always fun to be working on a project with someone else in the room who is also working on a project...even if it is quite.  Brings such a nice feeling of peace. :) This was one of my little paintings I did. I haven't come up with a name for this little lady yet but I am already in love with her. :))


Then this afternoon I made a new yummy sandwich for lunch that I just have to share! Toast a bagel. spread with whipped cream cheese, sprinkle cumin, toss on some cilantro, cover with slices of cucumber, sprinkle the pepper and then drop on a few thin sliver slices of some smoked gouda!!! Oh my yum yum! :)


jendar said...

you can definitely post it on your blog and share it with whoever you like!

Vivi said...

Did I read SWISS day event??? Well , I should make my way there and celebrate with you ;-)
The double frame and dishes look beautiful, love it!

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Jender!

Vivi! You did read it correctly!!! Really, I think you need to come out and visit me [and I you!!] :) Emailing you right now! xo

Vivi said...

Oh my, I wish I just won a plane ticket to SLC, I would SOOOO come.
Emailling you back real soon (I'm off just now) X

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