Jul 12, 2011

I love hanging handmade woven baskets on a wall, and how it turns an ordinary object into a work of art. This photo from Elle Decor is so inspiring, mainly because of all the different designs you could study every day. What a dramatic statement you could make in your entryway with something like this! It would even be neat to make a gigantic pendant light to go above one's dining table.


Recently stumbled upon these few items over at Etsy. Trying to decide if I could pull off wearing these goggles when I ride with Jesse on his motorcycle...leaning a little towards yes..but something inside of me says it might be too much. yay/nay?

Victorian Steampunk Goggles  - via:  Umbrella Labratory:

Such a great idea! Inspired to make one of my own. My only beef with this one is that the reflective isn't big enough. : /

Petal brite reflective orange flower zipper pull - via:  Piggy Flowers  [funny name, huh?!] :-[)

No I don't have a baby....but I do have a bunch of dolls..... :-[) JUST KIDDING! Anything tiny with a great print will always win my heart. :)

Organic baby shoes - via: Growing Up Wild


Lastly, I am almost done listening to the audio book "The Power of Small : Why Little Things Make All the Difference" - I LOOOOOOVE this book! If you like to be read too, like self improvement tips, and love learning new factoids...you will dig this book! 


Jaime Van Hoose Steele said...

Get the goggles! Those are awesome and you would look fabulous in them on the motorcycle...or your bike :-)

ROXY MARJ said...

bahahaha lol you are too funny Jaime! :)

jackie may said...

Definitely yes to the goggles! They are too cool to pass up!

ROXY MARJ said...

Will do Jakie May! :)

Kelly said...

Just stumbled across your blog and found my organic baby shoes on them! Thank you for including them! You have a delightful blog!

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