Jun 1, 2011

I have a lot of leather projects planned this week... one of which is a remake of what I did a couple years ago...  back in school to go along with my Senior Thesis Project, I made a couple leather accessories.  This concho belt was one of them. I don't think most people realize how EASY and fun leather is to work with. Back in 2002 I took a shoe making class with my girlfriends Jenny & Erin down in the Lower East Side... it was sooo much fun and I didn't understand how easy till then that making shoes was not that difficult. It involves a lot of steps and some accuracy...but no real upper body strength or algebra skills are needed.  Annnnnnyways...

Get some scrap leather or go to the thrift store and buy a leather jacket/bag... this should
also be a very inexpensive project. 

1. find a "circle" to trace that you would like your concho's to be.
2. cut circles out [preferably with sewing scissors...anything else will be hard on your hands] & then cover
the suede side generously w/ rubber cement. Let dry [this takes about 5 min or less] 
3. put 2 suede side conchos together...press firmly, this keeps it from coming apart! LITERALLY - rubber cement will be your best friend when it comes to leather!
4. w/ scallop or pinking sheers - cut around circles to make decorative edge.
5. Hopefully you have a leather punch already - if not, they are between $20-25, punch tiny holes all the way around.
6. Take your Olfa/Exacto knife and slice two lines down the middle making sure they are at least 1/4" apart from each other and 3/8" wider than the "leather ribbon"
7. Cut two long strips of leather [width depends on you as well as length] rubber cement the suede sides, let dry, push together and then sew it up on your machine! 
8. VOILA! Thee cutest belt you ever did see! This should take an hour or less to make...if making for children, a 1/2 or less! Have fun... :)


denise said...

you are the tutorial lady! i can't keep up!

i love this! where can you get leather and the punch?

ALi said...

such a fun project, i love leather projects! Your portfolio is amazing, you are super talented.

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Denise! Trying to be better with the tutorials... just google leather punch and you can easily find one online! Or go to your nearest cobbler - he/she will direct you where to find it, if they themselves don't sell them.

Ali! ahh thanks! Thanks for your sweet comment! :)

Sanne said...

wow i love it!!

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Sanne! :)

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