Apr 12, 2011

 I would say most of my inspiration for all my designs comes mostly from children, children's book, and children's fashion magazines! I honestly prefer a children's fashion mag [mostly european/asian/scandinavian/australian] over Vogue any day!!!

small magazine is a favorite of mine! Their spreads are so creative and the attention to detail is what always catches my eye.  Plus, there is something more interesting in a child's expression be it sad, happy, wild etc. than adults.  There always seems to be unexplored worlds of imagination going on in their tiny little heads. :) Anyways...I could go on forever about how much I love small. Check out this latest spread!


on a decorating note:

When I think about decorating my walls, usually wall decals are the last thing that comes to mind.  Even if I had children I still would shy away from them. Mainly because anything that has a "non-hand" look almost always turns me off.  However,  when I stumbled across these FABRIC decals from Love Mae via small magazine I fell in love.

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