Apr 7, 2011

Luke Best is a favorite illustrator of mine, and is with a favorite agency of mine that I hope someday to be represented by. I love how his mind narrates and the simplistic quality of his work as well as the innocence of his paper cutouts.  Plus anyone who pretty much paints or draws a Lion will be an instant favorite in my book. :)

You can find some of his prints in his shop Peepshow.

Here is one of my "Fand" floral prints that is inspired by Luke Best, Henri Mattise and Eric Carle's style of paper cutouts.


Brainz said...

oh roxy- i LOVE this style. remember our children's book> Still wanna?

ROXY MARJ said...

Eugenia! I forgot, and now I remember >>> because you reminded me. :) Already fast friends there! will touch base soon - things have quieted down a ton on the homestead so there is indeed room for a book! xo

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