Apr 9, 2011

Jesse and I saw "Arthur" last night...... and we LOOOVED it!  I actually have never cared for Russel Brand but this movie really got to me. Any movie that inspires me to be a better person or continue working hard to achieve my dreams will always get my vote. The cast was well picked, the dialogue was soo witty and had us laughing so hard clear through to the end. I was prepared to get sick of Brand but in the end...I didn't want it to end. I actually find this version of Arthur much more appealing and waaay funnier than the original with Dudley Moore. You want to laugh hard this weekend? Go see Arthur!


On a more creative note: 

My newsletter from Designer Pages this morning is about fantastic fireplaces. All I can say is wow! This Estonian artist Mati Karmin makes some truly incredible fireplaces, beds, chairs etc. made from marine mines! Do READ the short but fascinating story behind Naissaar island, which is situated in the Gulf of Finland, and where Karmin collects his mines.

Below is the artist himself hanging out with some mines. 

This image is from one of his exhibitions he had and what looks to be inside of a cave?  How amazing would it be to have a show in a cave?! Not only does the cave [?] offsets his pieces so well but it has convinced me
to now want to recreate a space like this in one of my dream homes someday. 


Kate said...

The movie looks great, I really want to see it now! Great post.

Jesse Lee Barrus said...
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ROXY MARJ said...

Kate, the movie was soooo good! You will surely laugh! :)

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