Apr 24, 2011

A couple weeks ago I was sooo excited when I came across my little "Bjorn the Woodsman" garland I made right after I moved here to Utah. My younger sister let me move in with her and since her place was already decorated, there were only a few places in the apartment that I could really call my own.  One of those spaces was the wall space above my closet. There I hung my Bjorn garland... seems silly, but I loved waking up every morning and seeing that.  The Garland now hangs in the set-in shelf in our dining room. It makes me smile so much! :)  I loved the Bjorn character and flower design so much that I then made a quilt with those designs painted on it. Not stopping there, last Sunday morning I woke up to paint my Bjorn flower on our back door. I did it early in the morning as to not be disturbed, but 15 min into the painting I heard a voice say "Dave's not going to like that"...... TOTALLY startled I turned around and saw a guy in his pajamas standing by my husband's motorcycle staring at me.. long story short, I told him that it was just cheap acrylic paint and that it can easily be washed off. Come to find out that "stranger" is the super of the Victorian 4-plex old polygamist house that we live in. A nice guy.


Hope your Sunday is relaxing, calm and peaceful. I love Sunday's because of this [I feel like I mention this often? ;/ ] and sooo many of my ideas seem to come to me on Sundays....and in the bath! :)

The photo below was taken for an Artist's Q&A that I did over at Sycamore Street Press back in 
the fall of 2009. Obviously it is me in front of the quilt I made... I posted about this back in 2009 when I made it, but for you new readers who don't want to trek back that far I will give you the quick & dirty version of how this quilt came about.  After graduating from Parsons in fashion design in NYC and then 2 weeks later moving out to Salt Lake City Utah..I thought FOR SURE I would be able to find some decent type of design job. Well I will blame my 2 months without finding anything on the economy at the time. I was in total disbelief that nothing...NOTHING was opening up for me. I finally then found a job, and that was at a bed & breakfast here in the Avenues. It was quite a humbling experience for me to say the least but a depressing job as well. Regardless, I was soooo over joyed to even get a job that I had to celebrate with making a quilt! I had to remember this day! So on one side I painted the Bjorn flowers all over and then on the other I wrote basically what I had just written above. My younger sister then gave me the idea to save space, and in a year write where I am then and then in 5 years write more.  Well it has actually been almost 2 years now and I haven't written anything new.  Must do that asap, just so I don't forget all the major things that have happened to me in this short amount of time that I have lived here in Utah. :)

and then...our back door. :)

Developing more designs & prints from my Bjorn character and flowers... here is one of the recent prints I have made for that print collection.


Kate said...

Wow these are so cool, love what yo've done to your back door!

Jill said...

Your backdoor looks amazing. I would have a hard time holding myself back from knocking just to see who lives there.

ROXY MARJ said...

Thanks Kate!

Jill.... come knock on my door! :)

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

I love your back door, too! SO awesome. And has it been that long since you moved back to Utah (and me, too)!? Crazy.

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