Nov 9, 2010

So this past weekend has actually been suuuper lazy for me and I have been super tired... had hoped to do my daily blogging, but just never got around to it. So to keep with my schedule, I will just have to blog for the last couple days today and catch us all up! I hope everyone had a splendid & cozy weekend!

A couple of my favorite go-to foodie sites:

Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks:::::: check out her recent post: + Winter Pasta +  <<< looks

Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie :::::: I LOVE this show! Check out episode 8 on season 1 "Just Desserts" + YUMMY! +

Today it started snowing later in the day...I felt compelled to get an early start on my snowflake are two that I think you may like. The mini one is sooo easy & quick to make, the other is more time consuming and little more messy since more glitter is involved.  I heard the other day from a friend that glitter is the herpes of crafts! So true! So if you're not a fan of seeing left over should just eliminate the glitter yarn...but I do have to say it looks pretty fantastic and has an awesome vintagey feel. :)

The final products hung side by side :

Some of my notes taken in sacrament a couple weeks ago:

+ Loose yourself to serve others
+ Service can heal a troubled heart
+ Gratitude is a divine principal
+ Giving thanks helps us recognize our blessings 

 This entry is on one of my very favorite books and my best kept beauty secret [facial exercises] came from this fantastic source!   I have had a good amount of people laugh at me for doing facial exercises....I do them every time I shower and ALWAYS before going to bed & I would also do them right before I would go on 1st & 2nd dates! ahahaha lol True story! Anyways, it is never too late to start doing them! 25 reps of these exercises will leave your face feeling firm, you can totally feel it! See if you can find this book on Amazon/ebay if not for the knowledge then definitely for the darling 60's illustrations.

wow! These entries only took me a couple hours to do... : /  hope they were worth my time. Have a good night ---er morning. ;)

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allison said...

Hey how did you bake smiley faces and eyes into those cookies????

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