Sep 9, 2010

My favorite breakfast, that I eat almost every single day.

1 cup of chopped strawberries. 1/4 cup of granola. 2 dollops of greek yogurt.

Below is my favorite food book that I want to share with you all.  I bought this a couple years ago at Anthropologie and I have been obsessed with it since!  Natalie Savona, author of Wonderfoods breaks her book up into 9 sections: Energy, Digest, Detox, Skin, Sex, Age, Mind, Immune & Heart.  Each section has 7 foods that are known for helping  your skin, aging, sex life etc. and has a whole page talking about each item of food and the vitamins/minerals that they carry.... every item comes with a couple recipes to boot as well!  For the majority of my life I have eaten very healthy, exercised regularly,  and I ALWAYS WEAR MY SUNSCREEN!!! as well as try to laugh as much as possible [ a staying "youthful" beauty secret in my book] This book has truly made my healthy lifestyle soooo much easier to maintain.  I really believe that if you can still to eating whole foods and limit as much processed food as possible AND stay away from drinking soda [of any kind] and juices [this excludes an orange juice for breakfast] you will look and feel sooooo much better....naturally.  Just saying.  I am not expecting anyone to believe what I am saying. But my mother at age 61 looks amazing and she en-grained healthy eating habits in me... and I think it says something that when the majority of people I meet think I am a consistent 20-23 years old.... :/ I am 29!  I hope this didn't come across as snotty... I just love sharing my health and beauty tips with anyone who is interested. If worries. ;)


Robert said...

What does this book suggest you take to get an Italian to stop confusing you?

ROXY MARJ said...

OH MY GOSH FITZ! We need to skype. Sat. afternoon?

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