May 5, 2010

Really??? Is NYLON serious? This video is tripping me out for too many reasons. I think the only thing I like about it is Chloe Moretz voice... Today at work my boss [Allison] showed me real quick an article online about Miley Cryus's new "SEXY" music video! And I thought to myself, "man, not another Britney Spears persona" & then, when I see girls in "Hollywood" who are taking on the whole sexy pop princess get-up, I am reminded why I loooove Mandy Moore so much! She transitioned beautifully from musician to actress. Now, she may not be the best actress BUT she didn't let Hollywood's "sexy" claws dig in. She stuck to her guns & stayed classy. Tells you how smart that lady is...oh yeah, and she's a lady! :) Oh...I guess my rant is really over the issue of how we are DESPERATELY in need of more and more AWESOME female role models who are playing more than just that sexy key on the piano! Let me think here for a second & put myself in a dude's place...yes, if I was a dude I would be attracted to the girl who yes, is stylish but also, one who reads a lot, goes to museums & shows, a girl who VOLUNTEERS, reads the newspaper & not just fashion magazines, likes watching tv shows like the discovery channel, and has a pretty broad vocabulary! Really, the list could go on forever. Luckily we do have some awesome women & girls out there who are doing more than just looking cool & talking about their favorite band. Ah! This ridiculous NYLON video has inspired me...I think I need blog religiously about amazing ladies now! Starting today!!! ;)

Queen Rania of Jordan! :)

Here she is on "The View" talking about her new book "The Sandwich Swap" and other insightful things. This is a good video...but if you only have time to watch one...PLEASE watch the last video of Stephanie Nielson & her family!!!!

One more amazing lady!!!

Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson


SummerB said...

I agree. We need more fabulous and good women to look up to.

Alison Baitz said...

I'm so glad that someone else feels this way.

I think there are a lot of female role models out there, but they don't get nearly as much press as women who are heading the other route. I think a good start would be looking outside the realm of popular entertainment.

A blog about amazing women would be so rad!

Jen said...

Wow. I just watched the last video and it was so powerful. I'm really looking forward to your series on inspirational women. :)

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