Apr 18, 2010

It's late. I should be in bed. I had a horrible nightmare last night. I.WILL.SPARE.YOU.the details! All I know is that tonight..... this very night...I want to dream about some of my favorite things >>> Animals <<< baby lambs, goats, chickens, yorkies, ducks, cows, horses etc. All the animals that I plan on buying once I make my $$$ MILLIONS $$$ [wink wink] not a fancy car or an over-sized cardboard house, but a teeny house [with lots of little rooms] on a big blanket of land for me to build a community of tee-pees and a big stage, where I can have all my favorite musicians come and play free shows under the twinkle lights while eating soooo much yummy summer food! THAT is what I want to dream about tonight! I guess I am also really excited for summer to come...rode my bike around this morning/evening and it was wonderful! :)

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cant wait


MarjoleneDalmeida said...

i really love your thoughts, i had a really good image and considering i don't like animals its heart warming.

ZIZO label said...

nice idea, to visualize your dream, seems like it might be possible... I think i'm gonna try as well

Robert said...

im there. great post.

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