Apr 22, 2010

A big post today folks. :) First off, a big thank you to those of you who have ordered something from my shop. Packages were mailed yesterday. ;)

Yesterday my mom picked me up from work to go run a couple errands and then to lunch. The neighborhood I work in is the Harvard,Yale,Princeton area. Well, on Harvard street I have found my dream house! I have seen this house a couple times before and find myself thinking about it A LOT afterwards. My mom and I drove by it, and before we pulled up I said "we are coming towards my dream house" and she said "ooooh, which one...it is so hard to choose, I love all these houses!" and I said, "you will know it by the roof" Seriously! How amaaaaazing is this roof! The only thing I would change is the door color! When I buy this house, I am going to paint the door a bright red orange. :)

So to the Beehive Tea room my mom and I went yesterday for her birthday lunch! This place was introduced to me from a friend [Meghan] in my ward at church. Alice's Tea Cup back in New York use to be my favorite place for tea [the girls I babysat introduced me ]but hands down, Bee hive tea room is now my favorite!!! If you live in the Salt Lake area and have never been, I cannot say enough of how fabulous this place is. YOU.MUST.GO!!!!

At our little table. So many cute little cozy spots in this place, it is hard to choose where to sit.

To start, we had some yummy hot chocolate! <- Yesterday was a cold day here in Utah, which justified the hot chocolate. You see, I am a VERY seasonal person, so having hot drinks in the spring/summer seems soooo weird to me & off balance! Yeah, today is nice and sunny out...try and get me to have that hot chocolate again. NOPE, would never happen! :/

Fantastic house salad, which tastes almost identical to that of Sweet Melissa's back in New York.

Awesome spinach quiche!

she approves! :[)

The other day when I was walking home, I saw this stick on the ground...but passed it and kept walking. Then I thought..."Wait! Did I just see a face in that stick?" I DID!? Yeah! Went back and grabbed that Mother! How awesome is this face??? ;[) I need to add some legs and arms to this guy!


Meagan said...

I love your blog! I talked to Ashley Faust before her wedding and we want to get together. When would work for you?

Robert said...

This place looks great, but Im so turned off by their blinds. Who still does blinds?

ROXY MARJ said...


We SHALL indeed get together! Can you wait a couple weeks? Life is a little unnecessarily crazy right now and I want to be in the best of spirits when we exchange life lessons again! ;) <3

Robert...seee... THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU! What an eye you have! Yep, couldn't agree more! However, I will say that your next visit, I will take you to the Beehive room, and you will quickly be sidetracked from the blinds! TRUST! This place has so much rich velvet eye candy that you will say "what blinds?" ;) <3

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