Mar 13, 2010

Back in the early fall I became instant friends with Ashley Faust at my church in the singles ward. We clicked in .5 seconds! Literally! :[) LOVE when that happens! Anyhoo.... Ashley is getting married next month, and today was her bridal shower. Just got back from that! It was sooo lovely! Crepes, rosemary shortbread cookies, gray skies as back drop with baby blankets of snow coming down. A nice afternoon to be inside, talking & laughing! My gift to Ashley and her soon to be husband Travis were 6 place-mats that I hand printed with a stamp I made of an owl. Ashley likes owls. :) These were a lot of fun to make! Now expecting my dinner invitation in the mail!! :) hehehe lol wink wink*

Truly, I looooove giving gifts, making them &&&& WRAPPING THEM! I LOVE WRAPPING GIFTS! This is just acrylic paint on craft paper, w/ some butcher's twine! <3

Ashley is in the turqouise top w/ scarf. This was my first time meeting her friends, and I must say...soooo sweet! Looking forward to hanging out with them again! :)

There at the house was this beautiful rug in the entry way.... :( was having some major rug envy!


PottyMouthMama said...

Such a beautiful gift, love them. You are such a clever, creative genius. LOVE!

ROXY MARJ said...

Thank you potty mouth mama. :) You are too kind! xo <3

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