Feb 16, 2010

Something that I really love doing is writing in my journal, online ;) but especially offline... in it's more tangible form. I have been pretty good about writing in a journal since I was about 12 or 13, but I have had dry spells throughout my life... last night after I was finished writing my entry, I went back to the very beginning to read some earlier entries.... it is soooo funny! The thing I love most about writing in my journal is getting to see how quickly my thoughts change... Something I am really grateful for is the fact that our thoughts have the ability to change. Sometimes it is for the worst and sometimes for the best. But the fact that they aren't concrete once made, is a huge relief don't you think? I wish I could have perfect thoughts and a perfect mindset, but then I would be a total robot. There are times when I get down on myself and think "why did I think or feel that Roxy?" but those were my feelings at the time, real and pure. As much as I would love to go back and erase a lot of things I wrote and re-write them... I am able [at times] to look beyond that and see the growth I have accomplished. Keeping a journal can be hard. I have many friends who say they wish they could do it, but don't have the time to do so... here is the best trick to keep a journal. Go in with the intention of ONLY writing bullet points. Write the date :) and then write 5 to 10 things that you did that day... and just be super brief... carry your journal with you. When you are waiting in line, in the car, at a restaurant etc...write these 5-10 items down...if you do this pretty consistently for a couple weeks you will then start to really write every day AND you will actually start to write in-depth entries! I PROMISE!!! It becomes so fun that 5 pages will go by and you will be having to force yourself to start writing. Plus, it is soooo therapeutic if that isn't reason enough. :)
This Millimeter/Milligram Journal was given to me by one of my dear friends Jenny Kwok of CutxPaste this past summer... this has been one of my favorites thus far...the paper quality is soo fantastic and nice to write on!

This is an entry from last month: I decided to paint a self portrait of me wearing a turban. :-p


Ms. Givens said...

Journals now days are so nice. I always look at them when we go to the Bookstore. They make great gifts as well. Thanks for your comment!

lovely lindsay said...

love this. i just got done unpacking and re-packing my boxes full of journals and had the same thoughts as you - "why did i think that?!! if only i could tell her this!" they are my most prized possesions. i need to catch my stride again. blogging has taking over that part of me and sadly i wish for the unedited/penned versions of all my past blog posts.
i can only imagine how beautiful your journals are from cover to cover.
love, lindsay

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