Feb 11, 2010

In need of a Valentine to give, but no money? No worries my friends... click on this here design and it will enlarge to the size of 8.5x11" >>> print it out...and give it to your sweet heart! I seriously love Valentines Day, even though I don't have a love of my own...it is such a great holiday! I want it every weekend!!! love me :)


ZIZO label said...

Hi Roxy Mary!
Just like to say I'm one of your blog-readers. I also paint and illustrate and make creative designs. But anyway, I just wanted to write you about an idea...:

Do you know Jamie Oliver? On his site you find a link to him winning a prize on food. He is looking for illustrators to make books on food. I was thinking of you, because you live in the States! And because you make such original drawings...:-) Maybe if you could contact the Ted foundation and present yourself...
I live in the Netherlands... so a bit far away.. Njoy!

ROXY MARJ said...

Christien!!! #1 Thank you for reading my blog! I just now went to yours and I LOOOOVE IT!! :[)

#2 I do know OF Jamie Oliver..Love him!

#3 Thank you so much for thinking of me! I will most def. get on top of this!!! <3

#4 Jealous you are in the Netherlands...want to visit there someday!!

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