Feb 8, 2010

A couple weeks ago I started 2 new jobs [I am working 3 jobs now folks!] One of my new jobs is getting to assist one of the FUNNIEST, COOLEST & SUPER CREATIVE lady's, jewelry designer Allison Dayton! character pic I did of her below. :) Allison just got back from the INSANE crazy gem show in Tuscon Arizona, and has some awesome pictures to share along with a new blog she has started called Stacks of Style which is mostly about jewelery, hers and other designers/styles she admires and all the different stacks of style that is out there. My 2nd job that I started is helping my friend Lindsay's mom, Cathy whom is a mid-wife here in Utah with file/organizing etc. and she even talked about bringing me to a home birth with her sometime! Fingers crossed! Anywhoo...check back in a couple days to read about my opportunity of getting to work with Cathy. :)

While at the gem show, Allison met this dude Kinyon...and apparently, he has no last name! ;[) Hilarious!!! ALSO, he MADE the jewelry he is wearing! Seriously AWESOME!!!!!

this is just a glimpse A GLIMPSE of what was there in the booths... go to:

Stacks of Style to see more pics and read about her adventure! ;) A real treat!

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