Feb 22, 2010

Currently, I am working three jobs, two of which I absolutely love! The third [the Bed & Breakfast, I could easily do without!] ;) One of my jobs is working every Wednesdays for my dear friend Lindsay's mom Cathy. Cathy is a midwife here in Salt Lake City, and in my opinion, a very good one! Before working for her, I have always wanted to do home birth and have always loved the idea of it, and now that I get to work for a midwife, my feelings are even more solidified about this amazing profession! There is the sweetest spirit and aura about Cathy, she has such a relaxing yet bubbly personality! She will DEFINITELY be delivering my babies!!! :[)

Moi, hard at work! I love this job!

Prestley, also known as Pretzel! <- TOO CUTE! is Cathy's granddaughter. She was spending the day with Grandma and sadly was not feeling well. Pretzel was wanting to cuddle with Cathy but she was upstairs tending to one of her mothers, so Pretzel came and snuggled right up in my lap. :) I was in heaven! I can't wait to have kids....someday... :/

>>> soooo cute she is! <<<

Feeling better: lollipop in hand, sitting with her cousin.

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