Jan 23, 2010

Things are looking up dear friends! I found 5! $50 gold digger coins the other day underneath a toadstool! ha! Chase bank BETTER acknowledge these bad boys!!!!

Haven't really had any quality one-on-one craft/make time with myself in awhile [awhile meaning like a week] anyhoo... last night was the first night in a looong time that I got to be alone and make things! I took one of my characters, :::Spoon Wizard::: and turned him into a puppet! See the thing is... one must always be careful about turning their characters into puppets or softies for fear of them getting a voice. About 97% of the time my characters will get a voice or have thoughts....already Spoon Wizard asked me for breakfast in bed this morning! JEESH! Seriously, you cannot BEGIN to imagine all the requests I get from my little friends each and every morning! 8^)


Jessica said...

LOL...so awesome! You are so creative and funny too!

PottyMouthMama said...

Super cool. You're an inspiration.

I need to find me some money too. Damn it!

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