Oct 21, 2009

The summer after my freshman year of college, my mom, sister [Sarah] and I went on a fantastic road trip from Utah to Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming... our first stop on the trip was Pendleton's Woolen Mills!!! I grew up 50 miles from Pendleton Oregon and have been to the mills a hand full of times, but it was that summer that was the most memorable since we went on a tour through their factory... It was sooo cool! A little something that I have noticed in the past year or two with fashion, is the shift in people's interests towards classic American style and more and more people are becoming nostalgic for what was once common before exporting took over... Pendleton hands down is one of those labels who has been consistent with their design aesthetic from the beginning, still successful and still made in the good old U.S.A! And now they have a special line with Opening Ceremony! Their Parkas... are you kidding me? Those are the cats MEEEEEEOW! ugh! It's official... I need to be rich...this girl has way too expensive taste and my Bed & Breakfast salary just isn't cuttin it anymore! :-p

this was later that evening when we finally made it to our destination for the night : Levenworth, WA..a super cute littl town designed to look entirely like a Swiss village! Goats and all... :) Random pic I know..but too cute, just look at that goat!

So yes, I am sitting here droooling over this Parka from Pendleton.. Opening Ceremony

darling long sleeved onesie...

Sam Miguel Blanket.... looove this pattern..but prefer it in their usual grey and red


Megan said...

oh man, Roxy, seriously! those parkas are killing me! they've been making me hope for a sugardaddy to come along...SO not what a pseudo-feminist like me wants or needs!

j. vorwaller said...

Levenworth is awesome! I haven't been there in ages... but I was thinking it would be fun to go come christmas, with all the pretty sparkle lights.

You *will* get your dream jacket/blanket.. I just know it!


Hi girl, your blog is very cool, congrats!

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B said...


those pendletons are seriously cool. I am going to try make teh read shirt look for my daughter with one of my shirts. Love ur sunday styles.

thanks for the comments on my blog

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