Sep 23, 2009

Here are a couple of pictures from the Fairy Alphabet book that I was hired to illustrate. Letter Q is my favorite! :) Like I had mentioned in my previous post, this was diddy of a job! Chris Ivory, a lady here in Salt Lake City who hired me, is going to try and find someone interested in publishing this. So my fingers are crossed for that. It would be great if that happened because then I could go back and do a lot of revisions, or do them all over again...I spent about 2-4 hours on each letter when really I need an entire day!

These are pictures of the Fairy Soiree that was held at Chris Ivory's home. I believe this was their 3rd year to have the fairy party. Basically a bunch of families all get together and make "fairy" inspired items to sell at the Fairy Market, and then 100% of the proceeds go to a diabetes charity that they set up in one of their close family friends name. Chris's daughter Faith wanted to write a fairy alphabet book this year for the event, and so that is where I came into the picture!

This HUGE beautiful tent came straight from India! I want to make a mini version of one for myself, along with the tee-pee that I want make too.

Here I am with my younger sister Mari...she escorted me to the event! :[) thanks sis!

The catering was done so well and they had thee cutest items, one of which was these darling teacup cupcakes! Wish I would have gotten more pics of the food!


KamilahNYC said...

Absolutely beautiful! I hope it gets published so I can buy it for my future progeny. :)

Kiasa said...

Those illustrations are amazing!!! I especially love Isabella's iris stew, of course! ;0)

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

love your drawings... fingers crossed!!!

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