Aug 5, 2009

So... I have a beef to pick with people here in Utah! I moved here to Salt Lake City 2 months ago with a small amount of my belongings [the rest are in storage back in NYC] nowhere in my items that I brought out here will you find a car. I brought my bike. My sweet, speedy, trusty & faithful Peugeot companion [almost exactly like the one pictured below] I get around Salt Lake City on my bike... AND I am very VERY happy about it! Please don't feel sorry for me, please don't try and offer me a ride to a destination 7 blocks away... I LOOOOOOOOVE to ride my bike > I look forward to riding my bike. I see so much more when I am riding my bike, I get to know the streets better when I am riding my bike, I am keeping my body fit and healthy by riding my bike...seriously the list goes on and on! I never thought this would be an issue that would get on my nerves, but apparently people here feel sooo sorry for me when they see poor lil Roxy riding her bike.... and they are probably thinking "poor girl, she can't afford a car" - Where part of that is true...technically I actually can't right now because the job situation for me is still at null, regardless...when that does come into play and when I get back to the point again when I could afford a car... I STILL WON'T GET ONE! Fun fact about me: I am 28 years old, 1 of 7 kids and am the only one in my family who has never owned a car! I don't like driving around [except for road trips] I feel lazy and sleepy when in cars... As of right now, I don't plan on getting a car till I have kids, even when I am married... I want to continue riding my bike around and staying in tip-top shape. For those who still feel sorry for me, can you please leave the country and go visit countries such as Denmark, France, Germany, India, China, Spain...basically the rest of the world - and get with the program!

Sorry if I offended anyone.... err scratch I am not sorry, actually I hope this post gave at least someone a good kick in the pants and hopefully inspired them to go ride their bike more, or if they don't have one to go out and buy one and get in shape! I WISH the government would give tax right-offs to those who don't drive, and get around by bike i.e. MOI!

One last thing... Salt Lake City has a cute little above ground rail system called Trax that is only $2 to ride and there are some free fare zones....anyways, if any of you locals happen to see me riding that with or without my bike...please, again, I beg of you... DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR ME! YOU [and you know who you are] should be riding this too!!! GAHHHH!!! ahaha lol oh my gosh! It is crazy here! That is all I have to say! anyways, a couple beautiful vintage Peugeot posters to share with you all...I would love to reinterpret the last one in real life with my bike! :)


KamilahNYC said...

just laughed out loud at this post. and this is why i love you. :) you forgot to mention that you also look so cute on your bike with your helmet. Love it! I miss riding with you! I hope those "utahns" are treating you ok!!

Erin said...

good for you for riding your bike everywhere! i wish i could do that. i live in a city that isn't very bike or pedestrian friendly. i hate it. but really with the three kids i tote around a bike isn't very realistic for me anyway. maybe someday!

RO.MA. said...

ahhh Kamilah! I miss riding with you TOO!!!

Erin, trust me...once I have kids - I'll be sporting a car too! :)

Kiasa said...

you are hilarious! Recently a friend was telling me about a bike seat (attachment?) for tiny babies...but you can only find it in europe. And it is illegal for kids under 1 yr to ride in NYC...If you can't tell...I'm totally missing riding my bike this summer. Last summer I had it all figured out with Isabella. Next summer Oliver will totally be biking with us too! Luv ya!

lovely lindsay said...

love this. love this! i've had my eye on a certain bike for a very long time. i think that it will make me a happier person. true??
do you have a basket?
do you listen to music while you ride?
what are the rules of the road?
helmet? yes?
we stopped in at the co-op in downtown boise on our last trip home from utah. bikes everywhere! bike racks everywhere. bikes at stop lights. it was so so so cool.
go here:

seriously! bikes with kids! love that.

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