Aug 7, 2009

Found these beautiful portraits on Corbis all the paintings are in "Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth". There is something so special about having one's portrait painted. Today it is most likely looked upon as totally egotistical, but I think it is anything but. However of course, for the person who splatters their walls with pictures purely of themselves is obviously narcissistic and having a portrait done of one's self is just the next step I guess...but for the rest of us, I think it is something to embrace, especially considering how many different artists and styles there are to choose from now... ooohhh it is late, and this rambling perhaps does not make sense, but I have just had the craving to paint every member of my family's portrait and then all of us together and NOT smiling! Anyways, these are lovely paintings and the borders/frames are completely inspiring as well!

Gouache Portrait of Sir John Hawkins

Gouache Portrait of Anne Boleyn

Gouache Portrait of Margaret of Scotland

Gouache Portrait of Catherine Parr as a Young Woman

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