May 25, 2009

The Innocents & the Independents! My very first art show. :)

I had my first private art show this past Saturday in Prospect Park. It was a real blast and success!! I had 50 paintings on display, hanging on a clothesline no less, and sold all but 7! :) THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! To all my friends who showed up and supported me... Saturday was really a big turning point in my life... especially since the day before I FINALLY graduated from school!!! You are now looking at a lady with a B.F.A ~
Anyways, below are just a few pictures from Saturday's event...TONS more to come along with a link to my flikr account of even more pics. <3


cutxpaste said...

roxy!! this looks wonderful and CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATE!! i wish i could have been there! i didn't know you were graduating this week...i was talking to erin...i'm thinking of going out to NY this weekend...when do you leave for Utah? Would love to see you in NY one last time! For old time's sake!!!
PS when is the w_dd__g?

RO.MA. said...

THANK YOU JENNY!!! :[) I sooo wish you were there too! You would have loved it! :)) FYI I am in Utah right now. Arrived late Tuesday night, and finally got internet today! :) Yippee!

PS...lots to catch you up on my lady! Will be calling! :)

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