Apr 8, 2009

Today feels like Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is when our thesis collections are due!!! And I CANNOT WAIT! ahhh!!! :[) I am soooooooooo excited to hand my collection in and present next week during Thesis week, and talk to the judges about my inspiration and design aesthetic! I looooove designing and making clothes, especially jeans and outerwear! I swear... hands are the most amazing tools ever created!!! I have learned sooo much this past year and have literally worn myself out to the max, but I have weirdly enjoyed every minute of it.. [excluding the sick days of course!] Below is a shot of me and my model Hannah, which was taken the other day by my good friend and AMAZINGLY TALENTED photographer Kah Leong The photo shoot went sooo well and was such a fun and amazing experience...that I would highly consider being a photographer's assistant as a profession!!! :[) So my loved ones, please do wish me luck for when I present next week! Hopefully I won't fumble upon my words and will be able to speak eloquently to the panel of judges about my Thesis Collection. Stay tuned for more pictures of my full collection, those will be up next week!!!

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