Apr 12, 2017

It's been almost a year since i've done a creative giveaway/contest on my instagram.  We'll i've got another for you all, and it involves some of my favorite people:  Tigerinajar.com 

Together with Tiger in a Jar, we are hosting a contest,

the theme?

"What does your inner child look like? 

"To spend your days - as mundane as a day can sometimes be - with your inner child more on the outside than the in - is what makes life sparkle like a Liberace jacket! ;-p  We want everyone to find that besequined place inside of them and let it shine and we are hoping to inspire you to do just that. We are going to host a contest where you submit a picture, a video, a haiku etc. of an activity that gets that inner child to sparkle. We are all different and we can't wait to see that difference shine!! This will be a week long contest with a $250 Amazon gift card and an original work of art by Roxy Marj awarded to the one who makes us get the goosiest goosebumps." - TIAJ 

To enter:

Post this video of us dancing in the desert on your FB wall AND on your instagram with the hashtag: #roxymarjinnerchild - no need to follow our accounts to be entered... all we ask is that you submit the most creative content your brain has ever come up with, try to involve your kids if you have them,  get crazy, have fun and show support to other contestants who are entering. 

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