Jan 28, 2011

Gosh.... how I have MISSSSSSSED this dear blog of mine! Luckily for me, blogs are like dogs...they don't hold grudges, every time they see you they act like its been years, and they are sooo excited even if it's been just a couple hours! For me, it has been a couple months... :( sorry sorry blog.
These last two months have been crazy.... I have been emotional, overwhelmed, happy, excited, worried, scared, etc.... so many emotions...and through everything the one awesome and amazing thing that has come out of my crazy bi-polar wedness is Jesse's consistency in ultra calmness.  Every day that goes by I know more and more without a doubt that he is the one for me... yes this is a ballad. Ha! lol

Actually no... it is not....it is just so nice to know....t
hat I am marrying the right person for me this time. 


Here is our invite/announcement that I painted


 and here is our engagement photo. Jesse's talented sister Megan took our engagement photos and then Jesse did a little "retro" magic tweaking :)  This amazingly beautiful building is the Salt Lake City Temple that we will be getting married in next Saturday.

So I got my wedding dress on ebay from a lady in Italy. Vintage 1930's [hand made] PERFECT condition, no stains, holes, smells etc. I LOVE THIS DRESS! I paid only 300 Euro for it...which equals $450.00 ---- sadly the dress came to us in this yellowish/pinkish color > there began my tears of regrets of buying a wedding dress on ebay.  Jesse, who is so wise...looked up online how to remove color from clothes = TADA! RIT COLOR REMOVER!!! WORKED LIKE A DREAM! Oh my gosh that stuff is magic.  Here are the before and after pics.  The after pic looks like there is bleeding or a stain...it is just my shadow! :-[) no worries! :)

 Also...the dress is a tiny bit to small for me in the waist, so there is some alterations currently taking place....  For my shoes - I found some nice "Nina" gold metallic dress shoes at the thrift store for $4.00 I then bought some champagne gold tiny glitter in the Martha Stewart craft section at Michaels .... VOILA! SUPER GORGEOUS SPARKLY SHOES! Oh, I failed to mention...the reception is going to be a festival of all things sparkly!!!!

How cute did these turn out!?!  Just paint on any smooth surface with modge podge...
be generous with the glue but not goopy generous...dump some glitter, let it dry, then dump off.
 p.s. total side note but a must know note.  My nail polish on my toes there...JUST GUESS how long it has been on and chip free...go ahead, guess. OVER A MONTH my friends! YEAH, SERIOUSLY! Check it: My good friend Angela Murray whom I am staying with [till the man and I get married] has sooooo many beauty tricks up her sleeve. A month or so ago we did pedicures and she told me to use her clear top coat polish that is used for horses...well I did and I cannot believe how insanely well this stuff works, ESPECIALLY considering that I take a bath every night AND I walk a lot [still don't own a car] so that says something right? Anyways, I thought any lady or gentleman reading this would like to know...I'll get the name of that product here soon.   

Also, I am currently working on my veil as we speak. Yeah....I am getting married next Saturday...major crunch time I know! : /  I found these beautiful vintage gold floral beads [?] at an antique mall here in Utah... two bundles for $6! :)

Here in Utah...there is a thing called "Bridals" I had never heard of them till moving here....
basically it is a whole set of photographs of the Bride in her dress... Well because Jesse and I are on a major strict budget we will be doing our bridals ourselves, meaning in our own "studio" :-[) Anyways, both Jesse and I are trying to figure out ways and places in our apt. that would be great for shooting the pics, I realized the other night how much I love our dining room and how this wall would be perfect [also considering shooting them in Liberty park perhaps] but the reason why I share this is because to most everyone the idea is going to seem ridiculous and hard to pull off....but luckily I am marrying into a pretty creative family so don't be surprised if you see some magical pics coming straight out of our apt.! :)

Check out this building! Well...guess what, it is where our reception is going to be held! :-[) ahahah lol
Every time I think of "Auto Ape" <- yep, it is a used car dealership, and I can't help but laugh.
Jesse's good friend and his dad own this place and our letting us use it for FREE!
Thank YOU Trevor!
 We appreciate you and your dad's generosity soooo much! This helped us save at least $1,000, and we are stoked to have the reception there. The space inside really is fantastic.
The outside has this retro 60's feel to it that is then built around an old bank from the 40's
... we couldn't be happier!

This room got painted white and the motorcycles moved out. :)

How amaaaaaaaazing is this door entrance! It goes into the office area.... That is me below [duh!] painting the bathroom...part of the deal with getting the place for free was that we had to help clean the place up...Auto Ape has not opened for buisness yet...

Lastly, I just want to do a public "SHOUT OUT/THANK YOU" to Angela from Jesse and I.  Thanks for being such a good friend and letting me stay with you for free!  I have looooved being your short-term roommate and am going to have fond memories of our late night talk sessions for years to come [She has let me share her bed with her even! What a sis!] Anyways, again... Thank you! I love and appreciate everything
you have done for me!  And to you Jesse....well you all can figure it out! 


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