Oct 30, 2014

A lot has changed since mid summer - 

One of the main things is the decision to now keep my shop open.

Yes, I know what you may be thinking..."Is this girl nuts? One min. she is
closing the other she is opening, make up your mind woman!" 

Well, luckily for me and you and the rest of life... decisions are not concrete, because
if that were the case life would be so much harder... more heartbreaking, and probably not
worth living. Hopefully we are always growing, moving, learning, changing...and all for the better.

My reason for now keeping this business going is a lengthy one... and I would like to gather my thoughts/observations in a way that is clear and not cloudy... so that will be for another day on here soon, but till then. The quick and dirty of my reason to open. 

The past couple months things have been a lot more stress free even though Jesse and I have
dealt with some more babie issue stuff.... but things have been really good, and for whatever reason
this challenge of not being able to start a family right now has brought us closer.

Also, Jesse and I have started a daily regimen that has eased so much anxiety, has calmed
my mind/thoughts and has managed to make me feel in control of my life.  Something I plan
on sharing here in a couple days because holy cow it is making a world of difference!

Lastly, Jesse is now helping me manage my business as much as he can. Which is part of our regimen, before he would help only if I asked [which usually resulted after I was stressed out] this is not a great set up. Together we have been going over my business model and decided to tweak some things to make it way more manageable. 

We will soon move from Etsy over to Shopify, there will be less traffic for now, which is the hope, I will keep working on licensing, we will be doing wholesale among other new things. 

Lastly, both Jesse and I want to thank all of you who took the time to write sweet comments on here and instagram about me deciding to close. I read everyone's words, cried a lot over what you said.... thought more than I would have liked about my life, whether or not I tried hard enough with my business, the type of work environment I want and the people next to me in my company who are along for the ride. Life is so interesting, I learn more often than not that the gift of free agency and the opportunity to try and try again is pretty amazing. Even when Jesse and I aren't having our best day or aren't being our best selves...tomorrow is always another day to be better than your last self. 

With that, I plan to write more here soon about our regimen and how I wish it would have dawned on us sooner to implement one! 

Talk soon!


Roxy Marj :)

Oct 13, 2014

Last week I came across this movie "Monica & David" on Netflix. I cried through the whole thing - in a nutshell, the movie is about this couple who is about to get married, you get a look into their private lives and the you get to hear the parents take on raising a child with disability. One of the most heart warming stories ever, I wish more people would produce touching stories like this one.  

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