Oct 28, 2010

Something I am in DESPERATE want of, is a good old fashioned stone fireplace!  When it comes to making a house warm and overly cozy, I think this type of fireplace takes the cake!  The house that I grew up in Washington state was nothing special, a California split built in 79'... BUT our living room had an awesome stone wall that was angled due to our vaulted ceiling. It was thee coolest stone wall and one of my favorite things about our home. Between the rocks there was black grout but then when I was 10 or so [?] my mom painted the whole wall white.  It did look nice, but I prefer natural elements like that to stay in their born condition.   Our wall looked very similar to this fantasticly painted faux stone wall that I found on Apartment Therapy .

Back to me dreaming about fireplaces....check these two lovelies out.  Found via >>> Country Living <<<

 Here is Yellowstone's Old Faithful Inn's Stunning fireplace!  If you ever get the chance to go to Yellowstone, I suggest you plan on going there in August! Why? Because they celebrate Christmas in August! Serious!!! Christmas trees and all.  My family stayed there one night in August when I was about 8.. we were passing through Yellowstone, and it just so happened to be in August.  That was a fun memory.

 Then I stumbled across this !!! Found via >>>  Great Interior Design  <<<   + oh my! + How FABULOUS is this wall & with the perfect red window!!!  Cozy envy starting RIGHT NOW!

But wait...... IT GETS BETTER!  Friends, my heart literally skipped a beat and fell of a cliff when I found THIS

 A pre-fab plastic and steel frame is covered in a wood facade that gives it the appearance of a stack of logs. OH MY AMAZING! 

Found via >>>  Republica de Angola   <<<

Oct 27, 2010

Found via >>> Associated Press <<<

Back yard tree house survives Manhattan legal fight! 

+ totally envious! +

It SNOWED last night! YAY! I absolutely LOOOOVE Utah fall & winters!
Plus I get to break out my winter eskimo coat that looks like something Little Red Riding Hood would wear.... which then made me think of Lil Red Hood and got me googling images of her... here are a couple favorites.

>>> found via uncle eddie's <<<

>>>  Photo taken 1858 by Henry Peach Robinson - 1830-1901 <<<

Oct 24, 2010

My friend Travis suggested I make some wallpaper for people with iphones! Great idea Travis, thanks!  Here is what I came up with - a mini Roxy Marj Herringbone collection &&&& 4 nice little nap time rugs as well. :) As always, click on the photo and drag to your desktop! As far as actually putting it on your iphone - well, you are on your iown...  :/ I am in year 2005 when it comes to phones and have no idea about iphones, I still use a flip phone...time to upgrade, no?  Annnnnyways.... ENJOY and share with your friends!

Oct 22, 2010

I am gutting my computer of all the photos/music right now [it has been on for 4 1/2 hrs now! HA RECORD!] anyways, I came across this one just a bit ago. This is a picture of me on my first day of college at Parsons School of Design. That was an overwhelming day for me. I was 24 and it was 2005 <> a late bloomer [as usual] and so worried that I was going to feel totally out of place being that I was 5-6 years older than most... But in the long run, I am sooo thankful that I started school late, I actually see that as a blessing in disguise now. And speaking of Parsons, well not really - I am actually going to talk more about Project Runway which is filmed at Parsons. Anyways, the last 5+ years I have had many friends and family members say that I should go on that show, and my response was always "NOOOOO WAY!" The idea of being on a reality show puts a pit in my stomach just because of all the drama and how the show will really mold each individual the way they want the viewers to see them. The thought of going on there and having that show turn me into some gremlin monster horrifies me.....but <- yes there is a but.... All of a sudden [the last two weeks of suddeness] I have had the desire to go on Project Runway!? Yeah! What the!? I totally hesitate, BUT my reason for the sudden switch is this: I have watched the last 4 episodes and find myself being very critical...and then thinking afterwards "Roxy, if you're gonna talk the talk then you should walk the walk" Plus I have to remind myself that they are given some pretty intense challenges under 2 days or less. That is tough! And I have been wondering a lot lately if my $140,000.000 of college debt was worth it [friendship/life-lesson wise, TOTALLY] and if I could put together fantastic wearable looks for each challenge and too make it to fashion week..... hmmmmm -----> I wonder... ;)

Going to bed now....but before doing so,  I wanted to give all my faithful readers [wouldn't that be hilarious if the only other reader besides myself were my two yorkies I used to have: Stella & Sebastian! ah! I would just die, surely they must have done a google search for their old mommy...I hope they can spell my name, I can just imagine Sebastian typing " waaaxeee maaawwj" lol oh my gosh I am totally giggling myself to death right now...annnnnyways enough of that weirdness - now back to what I wanted to give you.  Since I had enough time to kick it on illustrator & photoshop  I made a nice little wallpaper for your desktop. Hope you like/use it. Or just print it out, make an envelope out of it - write a favorite someone a note and mail it off.  Night-o folks!

Fulkness - Large 17.5x11.5

Fulkness - Medium/light  14.5x8.5

Oct 18, 2010

Oh, hi there.  
So i've been gone for awhile. 
My computer - yep, it's lame all over again.
Either my video card or hard drive is going bizurrrrk...or 
actually it is probably that my mac is now 6 years old.
now I am feeling lame. :( 
Gosh do I look forward to the days when my issues with technology
are few
& far between. 

Tonight.....my computer wants to stay on longer than 5 min!
So I am going to milk this quality time that mac wants to spend with me and attempt...
an October post. 

Here goes.....

+ feel free to click on my drawing above & print out + :)

<:::: Halloween inspiration ::::>

<> images found via corbis <>

+ have a good night my friends - HOPE to see you tomorrow. +

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