Dec 2, 2010

+ I am tired... it is a little bit passed midnight...but I am going to pretend it is still Thursday.
+ If you have been reading my blog for more than a year then you will remember my winter character Bjorn the Woodsman.  + He is one of my favorites. I plan to make some paper-mache sculptures of him here soon...Below Bjorn are pics I saw online today of some Holiday windows back in New York....That righteously inspired me to make a little vignette of Bjorn and his daily tasks while out in the woods.  There is an apt. that Jesse and I are waiting to hear back from and if all goes well and we get to move in...the living room has PERFECT eye level windows for me to do my very own holiday window displays!!!! Oh I hope sooo badly we get into this place!  It is crazy how many BEAUTIFUL old homes there are here in SLC to rent/own.  Plus they are insanely affordable...well, compared to New York...

pics found here

Also,  if you happen to live in the SLC boss and good friend Allison Dayton is having her annual
holiday sale on all jewelry!!!! YEAH!  It should be an event you won't want to miss! 

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