Oct 20, 2016


A few weeks ago I attempted to try and make some biscuits... ;-p 

The biscuits turned out to be a hot mess! 8^0 They actually tasted good, but they were sooo
flat, I kneaded the dough too much... I think it's gonna take a couple more tries for me to figure out how to make this seemingly simple item. The recipe I used was from the NYTimes... However, the next morning I decided to make a Frittata [also a NYTimes recipe] but I tweaked it some...and that was probably the best Frittata i've ever had. Jesse had a biscuit with his slice...then we threw the rest away! I'm going to make this Frittata again here soon and actually write down what I did and take pictures so I can share it on my blog. It was legit.

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Over Columbas Day weekend, Jesse and I went camping at Allen Springs in the Deschutes National Forest. It was enchanting, the weather was amazing, we camped right next to the river and as always, Harley was in his element. Here are some pictures from that trip.

It's pretty amazing that if you ever want to find inspiration, all you need to do is look at nature. Every year, every season will bring something different. I was really attracted to all the many warm shades of dried up ferns we saw. Dormant looking things have their own kind of unique beauty.

I couldn't get over at how cute these burnt logs were...they look like two gigantic whales that have been dropped in the middle of a forest and are kissing. I was lucky enough to snap a picture of this aquatic meets rustic forest romance.... I wonder if they're still there kissing? ;-p

The burnt wood next to the faded orange ferns made our camping trip in October so magical!

It goes without saying that most people aren't fans of forest fires... but there is something so incredibly beautiful in the aftermath of it all...  There's beauty in the physical sense, and then there's beauty in the spiritual sense.... these trees were burnt, yet they are still standing...they literally experienced the refiners fire. Just another Mother Nature lesson that is best learned in the moment.

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10 days ago I started doing yoga again, but this time in the morning right after waking up. Before that, I had not been getting a solid night's sleep in a really long time... So I restarted "30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne" and she is by far my favorite yogi [?] that I have found that makes me feel confident, healthy and comfortable. She puts you at ease, doesn't take the practice too seriously...but at the same time guides you through poses so effortlessly that you're shocked when it's all over. The last 10 days i've been sleeping like a baby! Why did I stop doing this two years ago when I was just getting started. :/ I guess because my mind was in a different place mentally. I think what is also contributing to me getting really good sleep is the yoga + drinking way more water [warm water] and not eating processes sugar/foods anymore. In the last month and a half i've had 2 unhealthy desserts... I haven't sworn off sugar, but instead if I do have a processed or somewhat processed dessert, it's now on special occasions only...just like how I drink soda. But that healthy routine is another blogpost.

I've also noticed that I have a better experience with my morning yoga if I get to it right after waking up. Yesterday I woke up and tidied up the kitchen really quick before getting to it, and for some reason I just felt more shaky...also, doing yoga the same time the sun is starting to rise is empowering. Why is this? I'm sure it would be the same if you were doing it when the sun was setting? Or perhaps i'm just being a little dramatic, either way it is good all times of the day. ;)

Here's proof of the sunrises we experience here in Bend, OR almost on a daily basis. 
If this isn't magical, then I don't know what is...

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I recently finished up a little side freelance job = designing a baby announcement for a lady in France. I tell you what, I could make baby/kid things all day long. I live and breathe this stuff...which makes it even more ironic that 4 years later, Jesse and I are still trying to get pregnant. Funny how life plays out, but I don't say this to have people feel bad for me. I don't feel bad for me, especially since a lot of good things have happened to me during this time of trying to conceive, that most likely wouldn't have happened if I did have kids right now...so it's all good. :) 

I did a ton of doodles for this project and combined them to make these 4 baby birth announcements, my client chose the salmon bear....and how darling is the name Mazal? just cute!

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Last weekend Jesse and I had a date night carving pumpkins that our friends from Sandy, OR brought down to us. Jesse was a sport to let me watch Hocus Pocus while carving... yes yes, I love teeny bopper movies, ESPECIALLY ones from the 90's ;) Jesse had seen online that using stamp carving tools and pottery tools is a lot easier to carve pumpkins with than your classic kitchen knife technique. It actually made the process more enjoyable.. Can you tell which pumpkin is mine? ;)

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Grace said...

Love the update! I totally agree about the nature inspiration. Fall is an amazing time!

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